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outcamp SD 4 @Purwakarta

OUTCAMP SAC Salam sahabat alam semua, bagi teman-teman pecinta alam semua pasti tidak asing lagi dong dengan istilah outcamp. yaps, OUTCAMP. Outcamp adalah salah satu kurikulum pembelajaran yang ada di sekolah alam. ...

mas_fadhil - May 14, 2013

sekolah alam goes to Bali

What’s up Bali People, Denpasar, Kertalangu people exactly. Be ready for our soft launching for Sekolah Alam kertalangu ( We are ready to be with you this early academic year on July ...

mas_fadhil - April 27, 2013


GOOD LEADERS ARE BEING MODIFIED IN OUTBOUND SEKOLAH ALAM CIKEAS good leader isn’t born instantly, good leader can’t be taught with only theory. they need sample, good sample, give them trust since they ...

mas_fadhil - October 30, 2012

school of loving

school of caring

school of exploring

school of observing

n you can find everything by ...

mas_fadhil - September 14, 2012